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Quick Baking recipes

Cheesecakes are a delightful dessert and when they come in a mini, cute form- they become even more delectable! I love these homemade mini cheesecakes- not only do they taste good, they also become the star of any dessert table! The best part about this dessert is that it can be customised based on your preference. You can eat them plain, add nutella or salted caramel or chocolate sauce or oreo! Sounds interesting, right? Let's see the ingredients we need to generate a batch of 6 mini cheesecakes: Digestive biscuits (I use Nutri choice)- 60 gms Melted butter- 30 gms Cream cheese(I use Milky Mist) - 115 gms Fresh cream(I use Amul) - 50 gms Icing Sugar- 40 gms Corn flour- 15 gms Vanilla essence- 1/2 tsp Toppings of choice Method: Grind the digestive biscuits to a fine powder in a mixer. Make sure you do this in turns

There are days when we get the sudden sweet cravings but do not want to bake something fancy or elaborate for it. This happens especially during the busy weekdays, with all the work going on, but you want to eat something sweet. We tried these three ingredient cookies during one of those days and were surprised with how good it turned out! Soft cookies that do not require any flour, filled with flavor, and the best part is that they are healthy as well! If you love Peanut Butter like we do, you need to try this bake because they are perhaps the easiest cookies you will make. Here is how you can go about making these flourless, sugar free cookies: INGREDIENTS (This recipe makes 4-5 large cookies): 4 tbsp sugar free peanut butter 1 egg (substitute : 4 tbsp flax egg

If you are like us and struggle with evening snacks to kill the hunger pangs, then this is the perfect recipe for you! One always needs something to munch on while sipping on that hot cup of tea or coffee. It becomes even better when the snack is baked and healthy. We made these simple, super crunchy crackers at home during lockdown and could not stop binging on them! We warn you that you can't stop at just one cracker! Let us learn how to make these Pizza Crackers at home: INGREDIENTS: 1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour 1/2 Cup Oats Flour 1 tbsp Salt 4 tbsp Olive Oil Cold Butter- 2 tbsp Grated Cheese - 4 tbsp Baking Powder- 1/2 tsp Red Chilli Flakes, parsley, oregano (italian herbs)- 1 tbsp each Water to bring the dough together METHOD: 1. In a large bowl, add the dry ingredients and mix. 2. Rub the cold butter

We love quick baking recipes, especially when they are a quick fix to our sweet cravings. We already have a few quick ones on the blog, that you can check out. But, this recipe is probably the easiest one on our channel and blog yet. Eggless, sugar free, gluten free, two ingredient cookies which are super easy and quick to bake! Anybody can bake these and surprise their loved ones with a batch of freshly baked cookies! How does that sound? Let us learn how to make these: INGREDIENTS-(Makes 10-12 cookies) 5 super ripe medium size bananas (200 gms approx) ¼ Cup or 80 gms Almond Flour METHOD: Grind regular almonds with skin in a mixer to get almond flour. Mash the bananas using a fork in a bowl. Mix both the flour and the mashed bananas. If you want, you can add ½

Sweet Cravings are not unknown to anyone but what do you do in order to satisfy them? We make this 90 second Mug Cake at home with a healthy twist which is delicious, filling and SO GOOD! Hence, we had to share the recipe with our readers, so that everyone can enjoy this. The best part, it does not require loads of vessels or tools. Sounds like a win-win? Let us learn how to make it today: In a Mug or Ramekin Bowl(one we used), take: 1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 1.5 tbsp Brown Sugar or Jaggery Powder 1.5 tbsp Cocoa Powder Mix the above dry ingredients. Add to this the liquid Ingredients : 1/2 Cup Milk / Soya Milk / Almond Milk 2 tbsp Melted Butter Whisk all of this together. Add a piece of chocolate if you like in the batter for the melted

When the lockdown period started throughout the world due to COVID-19(in the year 2020), we were trying to come up with recipes that require less ingredients, can be done easily at home and is delicious at the same time! During this brainstorming session, we came up with the idea of making a cake with two ingredients. It is a flourless cake that we experimented with at home first, before figuring out and uploading the recipe on our Youtube Channel. It was a successful experiment and, that we couldn’t wait to share! So, here is how you make it: What you need: 100gms Chocolate( any chocolate you have, we have used Milk Chocolate here) 2 Large or 3 medium size Eggs METHOD: Separate the yolk and the egg white in two separate dishes first for all the eggs. Use a hand blended for whisking the

We all have heard or thought about making our passion into a profession in college days. But, how many of us have the courage to follow through? Deshna is an example of a college student who took a bold step of following her passion of baking right from college and soon, turned it into a full time profession. Her brand, Cariocake is 4 years old and it is flourishing with new as well as return customers in the city of Bengaluru. ‘I got my first cupcake order in college(Christ University)’, says Deshna. Slowly, she started building up her brand with sampling of products, social media, experimentation and the word spread about her delicious baked goodies, through friends or family. And, thus, began, her journey as a professional baker. Her parents and brother are the guinea pigs when it comes to testing

Baking was never a part of Sanjukta’s plan, but when she shifted to Bangalore, she was taken in by the rising wave of baking. She is a full time IT Professional, a mother, and a professional homebaker. Managing  a million things in a day is a mother’s everyday job and Sanjukta does all of that very efficiently. A Bengali whose family loves eating, her mother cooks at times or even when her in laws visit, they make the complicated Bengali dishes that everyone feasts on. Baking was never a part of Sanjukta’s plan, but when she shifted to Bangalore, she was taken in by the rising wave of baking. She is a full time IT Professional, a mother, and a professional homebaker. Managing  a million things in a day is a mother’s everyday job and Sanjukta does all of that very